The Scribbler

Picture taken by Fellycia S (@pheloy) / Fanny S (@funfann)

Hello there,

I am Julia — a Philadelphia based self-proclaimed foodie (ig: @lovemorningkopi). My passion lies in communicating through a creative outlet (blogging, photography, social media and trying to get into vlogging). 

I was born in Indonesia, but calls New Jersey, USA, as a place where I grew up. Through the journey of finding where I belong and the pursuit of higher education; I found myself in Philadelphia exploring the the adventure of food and life.

I am not a culinary, photography or expert of any kinds. I blog and take pictures as a way to journal my journey and experiences in hoping that maybe it can take others to places they never been either.

I hope that you enjoy the content that I have put forth and hope that you will join me in my journey.


Side Facts
I find peace in art such as painting, crafting and photography. I love looking at good composed pictures or a well configured architect. I am a serious coffee (hence the title of this blog) and boba addict.