Be Productive In Quarantine | Her Mind

As states start to lift stay-at-home order, you start to feel more hopeful; of course, until you see news articles titling “Texas Reports Highest Single-Day Rise In Coronavirus Cases As States Continues To Push Ahead With Reopening” –, “Coronavirus in Florida Latest: Cases Pass 46,000 as Gyms Reopens, Universities To Open In Fall” – or “US Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 80,000 As States Move To Phased Reopening” –, and you start to think that lifting stay-at-home order may not be such a hot idea after-all.

For Pennsylvania, the situation is a little split. If your county is a part of the “yellow” section; activities and businesses within that county will resume. However, I am in Philadelphia, which means quarantine life continues until June 4th, for now that is — meaning that it could get extended.

As I mentioned in one of my previous post, through this journey of isolation I found out that I am actually more of an extrovert than I am an introvert. I thought I was an introvert as I often find myself liking to be alone after work and on the weekend. However, through isolation I found out that I love being alone after work and on the weekend because my 9-5 is so packed with social interaction that by the time I was done I was all out of social energy.

Being in isolation it has taken a lot out of me. As a person I tend to dive into my own thoughts a little too much. I dwell on things for far too long. I often think of the extreme outcome of all my problems. I am, unfortunately, sometimes is very self-deprecating and yet, I am also, apparently someone who needs social interactions to be sane. To top it off, I am also the type of person that can’t talk to people when I am troubled and stressed out.

When all of that are combined it makes life a little hard to live sometimes. Since my last post about quarantine, I have definitely been doing a little better. I am not at my full 100% self but I am not feeling as depressed, lifeless and helpless as I was. I now have a bit more energy and I have stopped crying.

I am still constantly in my own head and often feels a little too alone and I still have trouble sleeping at night but it is no where near as bad as it was before. What has helped me to improve my condition is being productive and leaving as little room as possible to think and to feel alone.

If you have been feeling the same way that I do. Below are some of the stuff that I’ve been incorporating into my day-to-day life to get myself out of the slump mood that I have been in. See if any of the below could help you as well or use them as an idea and change it up a little and make it work for you.

  1. Picking up a new hobby: My friend and I started a podcast about being ourselves and growing up as an Asian/Indonesian in America ( With this podcast I am not only one of the host but I also edit, post and monitor the podcast. With doing edits and monitor, that takes quite a bit of hours where I can occupy myself. My friend and I also record every Friday, which adds to the hours of my life where I keep myself busy.
  2. Shopping: I know, that sounds bad because shopping is spending money. However, shopping makes me feel better. I don’t go crazy and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollar; just little things to treat myself — I have been purchasing things for my skin (face and body). I still work hard 5 days a week, I pay all my bills and save; a little self care does not hurt.
  3. Praying: This is something that I should already be doing all the time but sometimes, I am very human and being human I tend to forget or simply just find myself doing something else. But I’ve been doing it more now. I purposely put it in my head that I need to do it. By praying more it allows me to be more at peace with myself.
  4. Cooking: I don’t usually cook on a day-to-day basis. My dad usually cook or I would simply order out food. But with being home and most places not open or delivery charges are just over the roof; I have been cooking more. I cook whatever I want but also some ‘trending’ food for fun. Cooking forces my brain to focus on the task at hand so I don’t loose a finger or burn the house down; although, I slightly burned my finger yesterday… Nevertheless, an hour or two a day of cooking and not thinking, it helps.
  5. Getting dressed as normal: It may feels odd to wake up, get dressed and put your make-up on when you are not going anywhere but it does truly helps. The same way why girls wear make-up — to boost confident or feel pretty when they go out; getting ready in the morning does the same thing. By looking put together give me a boost of energy. When I look like a hobo, I feel like a hobo.

Overall, what I hope for myself is to feel better as time goes on. But with work also stressing me out in addition to my own crazy mind, the chances of my condition getting better than now seems grim. I won’t stop trying though 🙂

If any of you are feeling down and out of place right now. Just remind yourself that all of this is temporary. You are loved and it will get better!