California 2020 | Live Life

Today, I am still not feeling the greatest but because of that I want to reminisce of the happier times. The more relaxing time where I was enjoying myself and was completely happy about life. I was blessed enough to be able to go on one last vacation before the regulated quarantine began. California is one of my favorite place to visit — so, it was again a place I choose to visit for a vacation as well as a reunion with friends.

California is a state so large that there is always something new to discover at each visit. I have yet to get bored when I visit — there are still so many more city within California that I wish to venture to someday.

This particular trip was a combination of adventure and relaxation. I spend half of the trip road tripping from Los Angeles to Yosemite to Lake Tahoe and lastly to San Francisco. Then I spend my second half at my friend’s house in Santa Rosa for food adventuring and complete relaxation.

What I realize from being cooped up for so long is that we often take things for granted; even something as small as just the ability to go out freely. I am super thankful for everything that I have: the roof over my head, the food on my table, the job that I can clock in to, friends that are near or far and most of all my health and my father’s health.

It is unfortunate that we often forget to appreciate the small great things in life simply because it is so much apart of our daily routine that it doesn’t seem so special. With this I just want to remind everyone as well as myself to always be thankful for each day we are awake, alive and breathing because not everyone is as lucky.

With that, below are some picture taken during my trip. To find the food pictures visit my instagram @lovemorningkopi. The places would all be there and tagged.

Until next time, everyone, stay safe and healthy.


Pictures all taken either by me or by friends (Fellycia S: @pheloy or Fanny S: @funfann) using iPhone or Nikon D610.