California | Live Life

This post is seriously long over due but it is still need to be posted because there are so many beautiful pictures and it would be too sad to not share. I went to California with my friend for my best friend’s wedding. Her wedding was a small but intimate wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and she looked amazing. I had the honor of taking pictures of her wedding but I felt that I did not do justice. You could view images on my photoblog:

After my friend’s wedding in Santa Rosa, the three of us, we went away to Tahoe-Reno for two days to just relax and be away. The view of Tahoe is just so breath taking that I really just did not want to leave. As for Reno, we went to the arch to take pictures, did some shopping, ate lots of food and drink. It was a relaxing get away.

Before heading back to Philadelphia. My friend and I went to San Francisco to do some tourist stuff as well as see another friend of mine that I have not seen in years. We went to an onsen, which is a Japanese style bath house. The onsen was really nice and it is a great place to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take pictures there because it is a bath house. People are in their bathing suits and if it is not a co-ed day, the attendees could be nude.

My friend did snag a picture of the entry way though and it is beautiful. Then we continued with some bar hopping and late dinner at a bbq place.

A week trip had never felt so short. I really love San Francisco and surrounding. There are so many places with beautiful views but the best thing is the weather. It is forever a sweater weather and that is just amazing because I dislike heat and sweating. If I ever get a job there that pays well enough for the San Francisco life style; I would move in a heart beat.

For now, I will just visit whenever my bank account allows and take more pictures. The vacation was amazing. It was filled with drinking, relaxing and eating. While I was there, I did not even get a chance to feel hungry. My friends and I were just constantly eating and it was amazing; which, I will create a different post for just the food.

For now, hopefully, the images below will stimulate your senses to want to visit California :).