Flavors of the Avenue 2018 | Live Life

Hello Kopi lovers,

I have not posted much blog content lately because I have not been on much adventures. Without any real adventures my life is fairly boring. I have been to a few restaurants in the past weeks and you can see that if you follow my Instagram but I don’t find them to be post worthy enough.

However, today I did go on a little adventure. Yesterday (4/29/2018) was the annual Passyunk Ave. food festival (Flavors of the Avenue) and this year I decided to go. I actually did not eat that much because I went to brunch at Chhaya Cafe prior to it due to two of friend’s tight schedule, they had to leave for a flight. Chhaya was nothing out of the ordinary. Food was alright but they had two of my friend’s order wrong; a sandwich without bacon and a burger that was cooked wrong. I posted my meal on my Instagram (lovemorningkopi) if you guys want to see what I ordered.

As for the festival, I did not there but I enjoyed a couple of drinks, the music, the weather and the dogs. The weather was sunny but it had wind, my friends found it a bit chilly but I thought it was perfect. I had the pineapple drink but was a little disappointed that it was non-alcoholic and also a cup of sangria, which was delicious. My friend had the cold noodles from Bing Bing Dim Sum and a cup of their spiked lemonade, which she thought was delicious.

I had fun enjoying the weather with my god-puppy, Wynston and friends. I probably totally just made up the god-puppy thing up, but who cares. My friend got a new puppy, which is also a corgi and I LOVE him! Along the way we kept on getting stopped by the festival goers because they all wanted to pet or take a picture of Wynston, he was indeed a star today. You can see how cute he is in the pictures in a bit. We also saw a couple of adult corgis which was the cutest thing ever, especially seeing them interact with Wynston. Overall, it was a good day.

Hopefully I can bring you guys more food adventures soon, but for now enjoy the pictures!


PS: I low key cannot stand how round I look right now 🙁 and how small my eyes look. I cannot.