Italian Market Festival | Live Life

Italian Market Festival : 9th St & Fitzwater to 9th St & Washington

Today was another festival kind of day for me. After church my friend and I walked down to the Italian market festival to see what was happening. The festival was packed and the people were all in the festivity mood. Musics were blasting, people were dancing, food and booze available along the street and at every corner. I did some drinking and tried a Mexican corn, which was messy but good. I find myself drinking rather than eating at these festivals; the lack of space and crowed tend to shy me away from the food. I am sure the food available were all great but it is just not for me. Today’s weather was also too hot for my liking; which is probably also one of those things that contribute to the lack of mood for eating food. However, I did enjoy the dog and people watching and seeing the culture. I just wished it was just a bit cooler. To end our day out we went to Capugiro for some gelato to cool ourselves off. Below are some pictures from today. Hope you enjoy!