Linvilla Orchard | Live Life

With a longer weekend in sight, I can’t just do absolutely nothing; so I cooked some food, reorganized my house and went to Linvilla Orchard with my friend.

We left at around 1pm on a Sunday; and actually it was a pretty horrible idea. The place was packed beyond believe. It was probably because it was a long weekend and the weather was super nice, making everyone and their grandma and grandpa there.

My friend and I arrived, the first thing we did was eat because I have not had breakfast and it was time for lunch; making food upon arrival to be the obvious choice. I got a plate of butterfly chips with cheese to share and fried mushrooms, while my friend got the fried poppers (jalapeño stuffed with cheese). However, I forgot to take a picture of it on my camera upon arrival and I only have the ending.

Linvilla have pretty good food, the only issue I really have is that all of them are oil base food, making it so greasy. After eating just chips and mushroom; I wanted to lie down. I felt like I needed to be rolled for the rest of the day.

After putting ourself in a food coma we decided to do one of the maze. One of my friend wanted to do both the straw and corn maze but good thing we only decided only to do one. We went with corn maze and it was more difficult than I expected it to be. It didn’t take us super long to get through the whole thing and we only had one wrong turn but a few different aspect of the whole thing made the journey a bit difficult. The ground was very much uneven making the whole experience harder. I was wearing the wrong shoes, I had on a platform leopard print shoes on; which it did not help the walking experience. There was also a little too many people.

After leaving the maze, we sat for a bit before heading to get a glass of beer and getting some dessert to go. I got myself some deep fried Oreos and a caramel apple. I got my dad two jugs of apple cider and a loaf of bacon, egg and cheese bread (no picture for those).

Overall, it wasn’t a bad day. It could have been a little better if there weren’t so many people. I would go back, hopefully, there will be less people the next time.

This is it for now. Till next time.