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Happy memorial day! Thank you to all those that have served for the country!

I hope everyone’s memorial day is as great as it should be. My memorial day will be filled with many rest. I do not get that many weekends in my working life. I am off in the middle of the week for one day that take care of my errands and again Sunday, however, Sunday for me is also never truly a full day off. Twice to three times a month I serve on a production team in the church I attend to. Currently I am also working on a project with my friends and I also have school work that I need to finish by the end of the night. Having a holiday on a Monday is a blessing because I get to fully rest.

Since I am off Monday and so is my dad, we decided to go to Maido. I heard of this place through my coworker and I was pretty excited. It is hard to find an authentic Japanese food in Philadelphia. When they say Japanese food, that usually means sushi. When I heard about an authentic Japanese food place and it is not as far as going to NJ’s Mitsuwa, I was all in!

First off, Maido is not like Mitsuwa. The place is on a much smaller scale. It reminds me more of a family type of business comparing to Mitsuwa where I feel that is certainly more of a commercial type of business. Maido is very small, it has a “bar”/hibachi style of seating and other small sets of tables. They have one menu where it has variaties of appetizers, udons, gyodons, yakisoba, tempuras and desserts. They also have bento boxes and onigiri on sales on the side of the cash register.

For this trip the group order had a pretty good mix.

I ordered two appetizers: onomiyaki and karaage.

Onomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake and it tasted unlike any other that I have tasted before. The battered was fluffy and flavorful. The sauce that they had on top was also very good. The style of the onomiyaki feels like a home cooked onomiyaki.

The I also had their karaage which is basically battered friend chickens. This was also good, the flavor was not only on the batter but also marinated through the chicken. I was a fan.

My dad got their small udon which he said was very good and it is very like the one he tasted before when he was in Japan. I had a little taste of the broth and it was very flavorful and yet light and refreshing at the same time.

I got myself a bowl of ten don. Which is basically a mix of different tempura on top of rice. I have no idea what was in their rice but was good. There is some type of sauce and seasoning in there that made it very good. The bowl came with 2 shrimp tempura, carrot, zucchini, green pepper and sweet potato. It was a pretty good portion for the price.

My friend also had a bowl of niku udon which she also really enjoyed. She said the broth was very flavorful and very good. She claims that the flavor is different than what she had tried before (no picture of this one, she dug in too quickly).

My overall impression of this place is that it is worth a try. It is an authentic Japanese comfort food. Maido also have a small supermarket on the side with Japanese snacks and goods. Some of their house hold items made me giggles. I will certainly go back to the place for some good Japanese food.

5 E Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003

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