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Recently I went to NY for another food adventure with a focus of Chinatown but of course the food adventure will have a post of its own. For this post it is just an introduction to the trip. I stayed overnight in NY in the Tribeca area, 5-10 mins walk to NY’s Chinatown. I stayed at Hilton Garden Inn and I have to say I was not pleased with the experience. Right from the start of checking in the front desk was not pleasant.

I booked the room months before the trip with a credit card but I forgot that I booked it with a credit card. I thought I booked the room with my debit card; the debit card that I lost 2 days before the trip and has cancelled. The Front desk asked for the card I booked with which NEVER happened to before at any other hotels and I worked at a hotel before and I have never asked a guest for the card guest booked with either, especially not for a room that has been paid long in advance.

The front desk told me that I would not be able to check in without that card. Which make absolutely no sense, IF the card was really lost how am I suppose to show her that card? Am I suppose to pull it out of my ass (pardon my language)? The card is GONE. She said “I understand but I need the card”, OBVIOUSLY you do not because when a card is lost, it is GONE. The room as been paid for in full and the name on the card used to pay for the room matches the name of the reservation and the name on the reservation matches the name on the ID; it is does not make sense for the hotel to need that card to check in if everything match!

Then she said I can charge the room on this card, as in the debit card I hand her for incidentals. Excuse me? So you are going to charge me twice for the room? If the card is lost and the account is closed, obviously you can’t refund the money, so obviously you will not be processing a refund to a non-existing account BUT you expect me to get charge again. There is absolutely no common sense in this situation. However, thank goodness that I remembered that the card I booked with was not my lost debit card but my credit card because I was starting to loose patient and I really did not want to keep on arguing with the front desk about logic. After that I told the front desk I don’t want her to put the incidental hold on my credit card, I want it on my debit card, she said ok as she hold the debit card up BUT of course the front desk put in on the credit card instead. She really needs more training and also need to learn how to listen.

I do not recommend the hotel; beside the front desk experience the front door of the room was so hard to open that housekeeping had to help us. The walls was so thin that it was so loud at night all around from our ceiling to the door. I think the front desk choose a room on a lower floor for us on purpose. At the property I used to work at the idea of “pre-assigning” a room rarely happens. Room assignment typically happens as the guest check in unless there are group reservations. Upper from for guest with gold/platinum status and lower floor for the rest. The fact that we got a room on the lower floor with a bad door, blood stained bathroom floor and noisy floor, I felt that the front desk was acting unprofessional. Bad experience overall.

Anyways, beside that the trip was good. I was so tired by Monday due to all the walking but it was a good filling trip. Some places we visited were worth it and some were not. Look forward to that on my next post! 🙂

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