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New York City is one of my favorite city. Not because of the city but of its offering of food.

I already live in a city, a city not as busy as New York and I already had enough. However, New York is as close as I can get to creative food since I don’t live in the west coast. I made two trips to NY in two months period and I must say it was a very filling trip. Not once did I get a chance to feel hunger.

This post will be filled with my first trip. On this trip I mostly venture around east village area. My friend is a big Japanese culture fan, however, she has never tried any Japanese cuisine and this trip was an introduction of Japanese food for her. The morning part of the trip was a little difficult for us due to unexpected rain but once the rain finally stopped, it was a good time from there.

Our first stop was not planned which was Cafe Bene. We went to the place to shield ourselves from rain but their food was good. Cafe Bene is no longer the same as before when I first visited back in early 2000 where it was a strictly coffee/dessert shop. It seems that all of Cafe Bene is now integrated into another food venture. This particular one that I visited was integrated into a breakfast place.

I had an iced mocha and a sausage egg and cheese on croissant, while my friend had the same thing but on a wheat bread. The sandwiches and the coffee was great.

208 Ave A
New York, NY 10009

Breakfast Croissant

Wheat Sandwich

After a filling breakfast we continued our adventure to trying to find a cheap umbrella but no luck so we continued on to our next location Cafe Zaiya. We shared their black sesame ice cream and I took home some of their popular mochi doughnut. The sesame ice cream is nothing like I have ever tasted before but certainly not in a bad way and it ended up being quite addicting. The mochi doughnut was also good, however, because I took it home the consistency already changed, it would have been better if it was fresh.

69 Cooper Sq
New York, NY 10008

After some sweets, our next location was for something savory. Otafuku was our destination. We were both fans of takoyaki, but the one in Philly is nothing like Otafuku’s so I knew I had to take her here. We did their combo of takoyaki and okonomiyaki which is a great deal but not worth it. Their takoyaki was delicious and the size of a ping pong ball but their okonomiyaki was tasteless, not enough meat/shrimp other than their cabbage. I feel like I can make a better one at home.

220 E 9th St
New York, NY 10003

Next spot is the rice burger place by the name of Yonekichi. We ordered two of them, one is the eel and another was the salmon. I am not sure of this was worth it for its price but it was worth a try once. What rice burger is basically two rice “buns” and the patties could be eel, salmon, chicken and other veggies options. I went with the unagi and the saikyo salmon. The unagi was the winner of the two, it was flavorful. The salmon was well cooked however, i lacked in taste. The taste of the rice was over powering the whole “burger”.

238A E 9th St
New York, NY 10003

Next destination was BOKA a KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) place. We ordered soy wings, cheese teokbokki and a watermelon mojito. Everything at this place was on point. I wish they had more than one server though. He was not giving my friend and I bad service, however, I felt so bad for him because of the table behind us. Their party was late but once they all finally arrived they demanded for service right away.  With only one server it is difficult to attend to all of the customer at a prompt timing which may effect his tips at the end of the meal.

Back to the food, the chicken was nicely battered and seasoned much better than what I am used to in Philadelphia. The cheese teokbokki was a very unique experience for me I am much used to the red sauces teokbokki. My friend really wanted it simply because it was cheese. I think it tasted really good, the teok was so fluffy and chewy at the same time. I personally was not able to eat much of it because I am lactose, too much cheese makes me queasy. However, it was good. The watermelon mojito was really refreshing and fresh. I could see the watermelon puree inside the mojito and it was delicious. I would go back to this place!

9 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003

Our last destination is my favorite of all time. Go Go Curry! I have been to this place more times than I could out. It is a simple Japanese curry that is just oh so delicious! It was my friend’s first time ever going to a Japanese curry place and also her first time trying a katsu and she was addicted and was so sad because she did not take any to go. For our next visit she wants to take it home. The katsu is nicely fried and delicious. Japanese curry is a simple dish but something about is just amazing. This time I got one with just a katsu and curry but for to go I got the complete set with shrimp tempura, sausage and all! It is a must try place!

273 W 38th St
New York, NY 10018





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