Quarantine 2020 | Her Mind

Today’s post is going to be a little different. It’s a little more personal, it’s a little more unconventional but I feel that it is worth a talk especially during these times.

In times of quarantine if not carefully protected your mind can wonder to various of unhealthy places. After a month of self-distancing I can feel myself going into a slum. I am feeling lethargic, I am thinking about non-sense, I just want to sleep all day and cry all night (no, I don’t have my period – I am actually much more calm when I have my period).

I always thought that I was an introvert but after being alone for so long I realized that I am probably more of an extrovert than I thought I was. Choosing to be alone is different than to be alone by force. My day is usually consist of talking to people all day that once I get home — I choose/need to be alone to recoup the energy spent.

I temporarily shut my personal instagram and I cleared my Facebook account to distant myself. I know, that sounds like I want to be alone than actually not alone when I just complained about being alone. The reason is because I can feel myself posting just to post; posting to make things seem fine when it is not.

I’m not having a dandy fun time or laughing at meme all day; I’m just surviving and having social media it made me feel like I have to keep a facade of being fine and post happy things when I am far from being happy. I know that is not how it has to be but it is how my mentality is functioning right now.

To combat my current unhealthy mental state; beside working my day-to-day job — I have been trying make myself more productive. I clean more, I cook more, and I try to place myself into a creative head space to do more. I do communicate with my friends still and I also live with my dad (whom is also still working in this condition because him and I, both, work in jobs that are considered essential); however, it is not the same and coming from a lifestyle where communication is an all day thing, the current is not simply not the same.

If you are in the same state or similar state of mind as me, it is ok to accept that you are not ok. Just do something about it. For me I have to be occupied to get myself back up. Find what works for you; do you need to make yourself busy? do you need to talk to someone? Whatever it is, find it and do it — even if it may be a little unconventional.

It is important to protect our body from harm but it protecting your mental health is also as important if not more. As you fight to protect yourself from virus, don’t forget to protect your mental health as well.