That Disney Churro Recipe | Delicious Eats

The Corona Virus did not just make us to have to stay home all day but it also temporarily close “the happiest place on earth”, aka, Disney. With that, Disney made an effort to stay connected with their customers through their blog. Disney post different popular Disney recipes on their blog to allow customers to remake at home — which I think is a really fun idea.

One of the recipe they posted was their famous Disney churro. Honestly, when I went to Disney I didn’t try their churro but I do love churro, therefor, I decided to attempt the recipes.

What their recipe calls for made a really good amount of finger sized churros to share. However, as for the taste, I actually can’t say how it taste in comparison to the real thing since I never tried to the real thing but in comparison to just churros — I’ve tasted better churros.

This is of course saying that the way I made it is the way that they would have made it. Everyone’s hand is different, so it is possible that something that I did would cause it to taste not as tasty as it would in comparison to if a Disney employee were to make it.

I would still suggest for you to give it a try if you are curious and like churros because the recipe was so simple and easy. Click HERE to find their recipe.

I made a video of how, I, made it if you want to watch 🙂 but that is all for now.