The Story

Being alive does not mean that you are living. Living is to explore, to be adventurous, to fail and to experience. This blog is intended to help myself to be able to be human and live as I should by exploring. This blog is also created to cultivate my love of food. Through this beautiful tool, I am hoping that it will push me to be more adventurous in life and in food.

I have a huge love for food and that is no surprise. I love going into new and old places and eat. I love taking pictures of what I eat, I usually post them on instagram (@lovemorningkopi) but now I want to put them on the blog as well. With the blog I hope to be able to put more pictures and possibly details of the place or the dishes itself.

I can also be quite a home body at times; I love my bed and sometimes I feel that I am wasting my life away by constantly always going home and going to bed. By doing a blog with a life adventure section, I am hoping to go out more and live life just a tiny bit more. I hope to be able to share fun adventures and pretty pictures with all of you.

While reading my post please understand that each of us live a different life, we have our own characteristics and our own taste to any activities or food. What is in this blog is how I live mine and how experience mine and how I feel about what is mine at this point and moment of my life. There may be things that you feel fairly different about or against; use my post as advice and possibly entertainments and not facts.

Also be mindful with any food places that I talk about in this blog based on my experience, my taste buds and what I expect of the establishment at a particular point in time. Quality and quantity of food; as well service level of establishments will vary and that is not something in my control.

Don’t take things to heart. I respect you and I hope you can respect me as well.