The Story

Being alive does not mean that you are living. Living is to explore, to be adventurous, to fail and to experience. This blog is intended to help myself to be a better human and live as I should, by exploring and experiencing.

As much as I don’t want to say it, I have actually love writing. However, I am self-aware enough to know that I am not very good at it. I lack the ability to construct well done sentence and my grammar is out of this world awful.

Nevertheless, due to my love of it, I constantly find myself doing it through blogs that no one reads – just like this one. This blog was created to cultivate my love of food with the added addition of journaling my life. Through this beautiful tool, I am hoping that it will push me to be more adventurous not only in food but also in life.

Three Segments
This blog is divided into 3 major topic groups: ‘Delicious Eats‘, ‘Live Life‘ and ‘Her Mind‘.

  1. ‘Delicious Eats’ will contain my food exploration.
  2. ‘Live Life’ is where I will try to be more adventurous in life by traveling or going to an event to experience life.
  3. ‘Her Mind’ — I have a running mind that sometimes needs flushing out to keep it healthy. The goal is to be pure and honest.

Why ‘lovemorningkopi’?
Because I am an avid coffee drinker. I need it immensely to start my day properly. For me, a cup of morning coffee a day keeps the migraine away – which is why I love it. Morning coffee is how I can start my day — my adventure.

Respect the space
While reading my posts please understand that each of us live a different life and are different in characteristics. Our preferences of food and activities will vary. This blog is to showcase how I live mine and how experience mine. When I express how I feel, it is how I felt at that moment in time and at that part of my life — know things such as feelings, preferences and tastebuds can change overtime.

There may be things that you feel fairly different about or against; use my post as advice and possibly entertainments and not facts. Be mindful that with any food places that I talk about in this blog; it based on my experience, my taste buds and what I expect of the establishment at a particular point in time. Please be aware that quality and quantity of food; as well service level of establishments will vary and that is not something in my control.

Don’t take things to heart. I respect you and I hope you can respect me as well.