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University City is not only a place for students but also a place for the food lovers.

It has many different places for delicious eats. During my co-worker’s vacation week and my day off, we decided to do a food adventure. We visited multiple food trucks and stores and tried different foods. Watch the video for a quick look 🙂 Please support the channel by liking and subscribing! Scroll down to the bottom for more information on places that I visited! Some of the places I included an address but some I did not because their location changes according to the days/events.

Schmear It

3601 Market St Suite 5,
Philadelphia, PA 19104

A bagel shop specialized in, well bagel and spreads. You can get items off their menu or make your own. They make spreads ranging from sweet, salty and lox. Not only that they also make egg sandwiches, which is what I got. I made my own egg sandwich with mushrooms, pepper, and cheddar cheese on everything bagel. It was delicious!

Beiler’s Donuts

3900 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

My favorite donuts place in Philadelphia. I usually go to their Reading Terminal market location because it is closer for me, however, when they open up their own shop in University City I had to go and try it. The place has a nice clean interior with cozy seating and many delicious treats and drinks. My favorite of all time is their glazed. It is simple and tasty!

Tacos Don Memos

270 S 38th St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Cheap and authentic taco truck. My friend and I got the chicken and the season beef, out of the two our favorite was the beef. Come early or call ahead because it does take them awhile to prepare the food.

Sugar Philly Truck

38th & Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Check their schedule prior to visiting

A delightful macaroons truck. I got 6, in total, 2 of each flavor that I picked. I choose tiramisu, passion fruit and milk&honey; which is also my favorite. Passion fruit came in second, the tartness of the fruit balanced out the sweetness of the macaroons really well!

Dominique Creperie

3300 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

A crepe truck that used fresh and organic ingredients (at least at the time of my visit). The strawberry that was used was slightly on the tart side but it was still delicious.

Cafe Bene

3737 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The last shop visited was Cafe Bene. This place was hard to find because it is now integrated into a poke shop (although yelp claimed it is now closed, last time I went was September. Call before you go?). The cafe bene sign was no where to be found on the outside, only in the inside. On the outside they only had a printed sign that says “bingsoo” which means shaved iced. We ordered the strawberry and it was overwhelmingly sweet. The ice cream that was on it was delicious but the jam was too sweet.

Most of these places I would love to visit again. If I were to skip one it probably have to be cafe bene. It wasn’t worth it and there are many different type of shaved iced out there that taste better. I would love to go back to Schmear It and Sugar Philly Truck; those two were just deliciousness. It was a fun food adventure and I can’t wait to do another University City Food Adventure if I ever get a chance to again.

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